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Since 2017, UConn Strong has followed one simple mission - to lead in advancing and serving its community of supporters by spreading the word about the impact of UConn on the state's economy and culture.  

We believe the future looks bright for Connecticut's flagship university.  UConn Nation is at its best when faced with challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic was all that and more.  UConn rose to the occasion, making difficult budget decisions while keeping students, faculty and staff safe.  The role of UConn Health in fighting the pandemic is a great source of pride.

Despite this critical role, the budget challenges facing UConn and the UConn Health Center dramatically impact their ability to continue this leadership role.  UConn and UConn Health must continue to find efficiencies and cut costs whenever possible, without sacrificing the quality of education and health care these institutions provide.  As a member of UConn Nation, we hope you'll join us in spreading the word about UConn's value throughout the state of Connecticut.

UConn Strong is supported by alumni, faculty, staff and students as well as community and business leaders from Greenwich to Thompson and from Salisbury to Stonington.


"UConn Strong is Connecticut Strong"

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