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2024 Session Update

UConn & UConn Health Funding

The Governor's budget adjustments, released on February 7, 2024, made no changes to the fiscal year 2025 appropriation approved by the General Assembly last legislative session.  Overall shortfalls remain at $70 million for UConn and $29 million for UConn Health in the next fiscal year. 

Both deficits are substantial enough that the budget cuts required to close them will cause challenges to the university and impact UConn's ability to carry out its mission as effectively as possible. Also, these shortfalls will grow if salary increases are negotiated for UConn employees in fiscal year 2025.   During this session of the General Assembly, UConn & UConn Health are seeking an additional $47.3 million for Storrs and $12.6 million for UConn Health to augment their own internal spending reductions and revenue enhancements to help close these deficits.

State of Connecticut Bonding

$90 million in bond-funded infrastructure investments have been proposed by the governor for Storrs and the regional campuses. Specifically, the following bond authorizations are included in the governor’s proposal and are evidence of the governor’s commitment to supporting state-of-the art facilities and infrastructure that will help UConn to excel:

  • $25M for the design of a new Science building and planning funding for the demolition of the Torrey building

  • $20M for renovations to the Gant Complex, which houses dozens of classrooms and labs

  • $12M for the return of Hydrogen Hub funding

  • $25M for deferred maintenance

  • $8.5M for Athletics facilities upgrades to remain compliant with Title IX

Recent Past

Since our founding in 2018, UConn Strong has worked with the Executive Branch and Connecticut General Assembly on issues critical to UConn's ability to thrive as an elite public university.  While most of our work has centered around the state budget and Connecticut's continued unfunded pension liabilities, other successes include the following:

UConn & UConn Health Funding

Thanks to the support of many of you, as well as the Governor and members of the General Assembly, UConn and UConn Health were successful in their efforts to restore funding necessary for the 2024 fiscal year through the use of one-time support from the American Rescue Plan Act and carry-forward General Fund dollars.  While UConn and UConn Health continue to work to reduce overall expenses, they remain hopeful that some of these dollars are made permanent as they continue to work hard to meet their mission.

UConn Foundation Fundraising

PA 21-19 was signed into law by Governor Lamont on 5/26/21.  This law is fundamental to the UConn Foundation's efforts to raise funds in support of UConn.  Click on the link below for more details.


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