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A Message from the Chairman

Hello UConn Nation! As one of UConn Strong’s most enthusiastic supporters, I am known to “bleed blue.” Because I am so deeply immersed in all that UConn offers to its students and to the state of Connecticut, I find it challenging to understand why politicians and other public figures take shots at our flagship university without first taking the time to understand the basic facts.

Recently, a Hartford Courant columnist did just that, sharing his uninformed opinion about the current Board of Trustees search for UConn’s new president. Upon reading the column, I immediately sent in a Letter to the Editor, which I am hopeful will be published in the near future. In the meantime, I would like to share with you some of my own thoughts.  
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About UConn Strong

UConn Strong exists to promote the connection between excellence at the University of Connecticut and a thriving, dynamic state of Connecticut. Born as UConn Nation Proud in 2018, we rebranded as UConn Strong in 2021 as we focus our efforts on how the growth and sustainability of Connecticut's economy as well as the vibrancy of our state's culture are both stronger with better prepared Huskies graduating. 

Upon his appointment as UConn Interim President, Andy Agwunobi described his understanding of UConn, “Having been here in Connecticut at UConn Health for several years, I know how much UConn means to the people of this state and our faculty, staff, students, and alumni everywhere. For many, I know UConn is more than just an educational institution or an employer, but an important part of their lives and their personal histories. It is fundamentally part of our identity as a state."   

We believe the future looks bright for Connecticut's flagship university.  UConn Nation is at its best when faced with challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic was all that and more.  UConn rose to the occasion, making difficult budget decisions while keeping students, faculty and staff safe.  The role of UConn Health in fighting the pandemic, led by Agwunobi, is something for all of us to view with pride.

Despite this critical role, the legacy unfunded pension obligations facing UConn and the UConn Health Center dramatically impact their ability to continue this leadership role.  We urge our supporters to reach out to members of the General Assembly and the Governor to eliminate this burden so UConn can compete with their peers on a level playing field and bring critical research funding to Connecticut.  Click here to read John Malfettone and Denis Nayden's op-ed in the CT Mirror

UConn Strong is supported by alumni, faculty, staff and students as well as community and business leaders from Greenwich to Thompson and from Salisbury to Stonington. 

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"UConn Strong is Connecticut Strong"



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About UConn Strong